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Managing Your Leads, Opportunities, Customers and Tasks

The Console tab of MaxCustomer CRM application is dedicated for the sales department. It allows you and your sales reps to manage all your leads and gives you the ability to convert the leads to opportunities. You can also create tasks and log all conversation with customers for future reference.

Quick View

The Quick View screen shows the summary of the latest leads, next opportunities and next tasks. It also gives you an insight to the sales pipeline containing the percentage of leads and customers won, those that are still under negotiation, qualification and quote.

A meter on top of the latest leads list shows you the number of calls made, present customers, active quotes and orders.

Mc Console Qucik View


The Leads section contains the list of leads with their contact details. Clicking on each lead will show you all open, closed and new tasks for the next 7 days. You can edit the details of each lead by clicking on Edit. The Convert button will give you the ability to convert the lead to an opportunity and assign it to the sales rep who successfully handled the client.

Console Leads


Opportunities section shows all leads that are promoted to opportunities. To check the details, click on the opportunity name and all information about that opportunity will show up on the right pane. You can get information about the lead source, amount of the deal, who is handling the deal and commission related info.

Mc Console Opportunities


The Customers section has the list of all your customers. The summary list shows you the relationship type of each customer and their contact details. When you click on a customer, the system will show you more information about open, closed and new tasks for that customer.

Clicking on Edit will give you the ability to edit their business, billing and shipping address, and commission related info.

Mc Console Customers


Contacts plainly shows you all your customer's primary contact person or persons in charge. The summary list gives you a brief info about their company, phone and email. 

When you click on a contact person, the information about that contact and address will be displayed on the right pane.

Mc Console contacts


Tasks has the list of all tasks taken for all customers. It can either be a phone call, email, a quote, an order, present or visit. It also shows you the priority level of each task. 

You can edit a task by clicking on the task name.

Console Leads


In the Rules section, you can assign a product, customer or territory to a particular sales rep.

Mc Console Rules

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